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You're never too old to PLAY!

Come learn, watch, play, discuss and create theatre with us.

We offer classes, theatre-going trips/discussion, readings, and workshops in playwriting, acting, directing and design.

Also look forward to our podcast series of interviews of theatre practitioners both amateur and professional.

TheatreMakers.org creates opportunities -- especially for older adults -- to rediscover and nurture their creativity through a wide variety of approaches and events. 

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Theatre Trips
Join us for a guided trip to the theatre - in D.C., New York, or London - and bookend the show(s) with insightful discussion led by our trained facilitators.  Our professional tour operator will take care of all the logistics. You just come to enjoy!!



Play Readings
View (or read!) original scripts in an informal setting, and enjoy a talk-back session to provide feedback to the playwright(s) right afterwards.  We'll throw in some coffee/tea and munchies.  Come enjoy!...and put in your two cents worth!

Got a play you'd like to have some actors read for you? Do you want to be on our list of readers? Contact Support@TheatreMakers.org​​​​​​​

Next readings: Saturday, April 7th at 2pm. Location TBD.

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TheatreMakers Podcasts offer fascinating glimpses into the lives, trials and triumphs of theatrepeople who have really "been there and done that," leaving them plenty of crazy tales to tell.  Come listen in!

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​​​​​​​Improvisation is how we live every day!...but as theatre it means creating characters and a story on the spur of the moment, saying "Yes! and..." to whatever your playing partners offer you.  Great fun ensues! Be brave and join in the creativity and spontaneity of "improv."

Do you have a story inside you (or in a drawer somewhere), but don't know how to turn it into a real play?  Our resident playwright can help you find and develop your idea or rough script into a full-fledged play ready to move on to the next level (see our play-reading description above).

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Devised Theatre
Senior-Senior-Senior! Experiment with "devised theatre" as we develop a performance piece around the idea of the expectations, hopes and fears that go along with significant transitions, whether from high school, college,work or life.


Tell us how to reach you with event news and opportunities!

​​​​​​​Learn new stuff!  Our experienced theatre educators offer classes on a variety of theatre-related topics, locally and (later) online.  Our recent classes, "Under the Hood: Secrets of Making Theatre" led by Chip Rome and Richard Washer, and Skip Bromley's "Pick-a-Card: Storytelling," an exploration of storytelling in all its forms, from professional to personal, from ancient times to modern. 

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Theatre games

These are great fun at any age, and build cameraderie and creativity as well as developing performance skills.  Some are word-based, some involve movement, and some put all the craziness of your combined imaginations together.

There are hundreds of games, so you're sure to find ones you love, and ones that stretch your creative genes to new places.

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Skip Bromley is an award-winning teacher who studied theatre at Catholic University and worked in Fairfax, Va for 37 years, where he produced and directed hundreds of plays and musicals.  He has been deeply influenced by Greek mythology and history. His love of story telling has earned him accolades from students, parents and colleagues.  He continues this practice, in retirement. 

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Playwright, educator and director, dramaturge, author of fourteen plays produced at venues around the country. He has directed productions of musicals, classics, new plays, and dozens of new play readings. Richard teaches creative writing and playwriting workshops at numerous institutions including First Draft and The Writer’s Center. 

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Retired from full time work as a teacher and director in NY, LA, DC and London, Chip's love of doing theatre is as strong as ever. "After over 2000 students, 150 shows, a ton of improvisation workshops, and a new book, Real-World Theatre Education​​​​​​​, I'm ready to enjoy making more theatre with you!"

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